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English Puzzle – 30

Which is the correct word for the below sentence: Miracles alone cannot vindicate the divinity of _____doctrine. : Immoral/ Amoral

World Quiz Questions: City of Two Continents

Which city is also referred as “City of two Continents” – 1 – Abu Dhabi 2 – Istanbul 3 – Moscow 4 – Berlin

Spot the difference: Find out six differences in the black and white drawing of cats

Above two images of the cats are mostly similar except for the six differences. Your job is to find those differences. Try to find the differences as quick as possible.

World Quiz Questions: Last Battle of Napolean

Which battle is know as Napoleon’s last battle – 1 – Battle of Austerlitz 2 – Battle of Vitoria 3 – Battle of Hanau 4 – Battle of Waterloo

Find six differences between the two anime

Above two images are mostly same except for six differences. Can you find the spots where they differ from each other.

Number Sequence Puzzle: Find out the next number in series

It is a very interesting number series. Can you find the next number of the sequence. You can check the answer below by clicking Show Answer button

World Quiz Questions: Largest Country of World

Which is the largest country of world area wise – 1 – USA 2 – China 3 – Russia 4 – Australia

Spot the difference image puzzle:find six differences in the cartoon picture of water balloons

Above cartoon image of water balloons have six differences. Can you find all. These type of puzzles are very fun and interesting. Hope you will like it.

Number Series Puzzle: What will be the next number in the sequence

In the above number series picture a number is missing. You need to find the missing number using simple logic and mathematics. Answer is given below.

World Quiz Questions: National Animal Kiwi

Kiwi is the national animal of which country – 1 – Japan 2 – New Zealand 3 – Spain 4 – Brazil

Spot the difference picture puzzle: find six differences between the black and white pictures of giant dog

There are six differences in the above the black and white pictures of giant dog. Your task is to find all the places where they are different.

Series Puzzle and Answer: Find the next number of the sequence

A number is missing in the above series puzzle. You need to find out the pattern of the series to find out the next number of the sequence.

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