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June 2018

Spot the difference cartoon picture: Past City Landscape

Visual puzzles are one of the best puzzles for to improve the imagination and logical skill. In the above picture of past city landscape, there are six spots where the pictures are quite different from each other. Try to find… Continue Reading →

World Quiz Questions: Island Bali

The Famous island Bali is part of which country – 1 – India 2 – Thailand 3 – Indonesia 4 – Malaysia

English Puzzle: Fill the missing letters puzzle

Fill in the blanks with appropriate letters. The given word is the synonym of Advocate C_U_S_L  : Advocate

Find the missing number in the polygon

In the above puzzle, one number is missing. Use numerical skill to solve the puzzle and find out the missing number.

Spot the difference cartoon picture: Present City Landscape

In the above city landscape of present days, you can find six differences between the two pictures. Can you find all the six. Check the answer below if you need it.

Pictionary Puzzle: Guess the word from the two pictures puzzle

Can you guess which 7 letter word can be derived from the above two images. Hints are given in the table.

English Puzzle: Fill in the blanks with correct letters

Fill in the blanks with appropriate letters. The given word is the synonym of Sufficient. A_E_U_T_  : Sufficient

Number Picture Puzzle: find the missing numbers

In the above picture, three numbers are missing. Can you solve the puzzle to get the missing numbers.

World Quiz Questions: International Women Day

International Women’s Day is observed on – 1 – 5th June 2 – 8th March 3 – 15th September 4 – 10th February

English Puzzle: Similar Looking word puzzle

Which is the correct word for the below sentence: ____ were thousands of English soldiers in Boston. THEIR/ THERE

Spot the difference image puzzle:find six differences in the picture of Tiger

The above sketches of tiger are different from each other in six places. Can you tell which are the places where they are different.

Spot the difference cartoon picture: Future City Landscape

There are many different type of visual puzzles. Among those, spot the difference puzzles are very simple and fun to solve. Can you find six differences in the above two cartoon illustration of future city. Check out our other puzzles… Continue Reading →

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