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August 2018

Guess the movie names from the pictures

Movie puzzles are very popular and fun to solve. In the above image, two movie names are hidden. Can you guess the movies

Spot the difference image puzzle:find six differences in the black and white image of cute animal faces

Find out six differences between the pictures of cute animal faces.. It is a good test of your observational skill. Make it as quick as possible.

Amazing Rebus Puzzle to solve

Can you solve the above rebus puzzle. It is a very common and easy rebus puzzle. Hope you would be albe to solve it very easily. In case you need the answer, It is given below.

Can you guess the movie from the pictures

Can you find the hidden movie names from the above picture. The answer is given below. Check the answer if needed.

Spot the difference picture puzzle: find five differences between cartoon picture of cute duck

The above cartoon pictures of cute duck varies from each other in five spots. Can you find those spots where they are different.

Funny Rebus Puzzle for you

One of the best things for leisure is puzzles. It is not only fun activity but it also improves the IQ. Can you guess the English phrase from the above picture.

Which movies are this?Can you Guess

Cool Movie puzzles. Can you decipher the movie names from the pictures. Check the answer below if needed.

Find the difference: spot six differences in the picture of cute parrots

Spot the difference puzzles are one of the most interesting puzzles. In this puzzle two images are given with slight differences. You need to find six differences in those pictures.

Rebus picture puzzle – Check your IQ

Puzzles are the best way to check a persons IQ. Can you solve the above rebus puzzle. Share it with your friends and check if they can also.

Cool Movie puzzles: Guess the movie name from pictures

This is a very amazing movie puzzle. Can you guess the name of the movies from the above pictures. Share your comments in the comment section

Can you find six differences between the pictures of cute animals

Spot the difference puzzles are one of the best way to improve observational skill. In the above two picture of cute animals, there are six differences. Find all the six differences.

Interesting rebus puzzles – can you solve it

Picture puzzles are one of the best way to pass time and have fun. In the above rebus puzzle, you need to find the english phrase from the picture. Please share the puzzle to your friends if you liked it

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