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Odd one out puzzle: Which is the odd picture of space girl

Find the space girl who is different from the others. It is an very interesting odd one out puzzle. Check the answer below.

Math Equation Puzzle: Interesting mobile picture equation puzzle

This is an very interesting math equation puzzle. A set of picture equation are given you need to solve those equations to find the missing value of one of the equation.

Rebus Puzzle – Guess the phrase from the picture

Puzzles are one of the common tools to check Iq of a person. They are also fun to solve and improves one’s logical skill. In the above picture, a rebus puzzle is given. Can you solve it.

Odd one out picture puzzle: Find the odd mosquito

In the above pictures of mosquitoes, one mosquito is different from the others. Can you tell which is the odd one among them.

Can you solve this missing number puzzle in triangle

Above picture depicts a triangle with some numbers. They have a relationship. You need to find the logic of the numbers to guess the missing number.

Rebus Puzzle Picture -Can you guess the English Phrase

Can you solve the above rebus puzzle. It is a very common and easy rebus puzzle. Hope you would be albe to solve it very easily. In case you need the answer, It is given below.

Odd one out picture puzzle with answer

One of the milkman in the above picture is odd one from the others. Look the pictures little closely to find the odd one out.

Birds Math Equation Puzzle with Answer: find the values of the image equation

Above birds equation puzzle is very interesting puzzle. Can you find the missing value of the equation from the rest of the equations.

Interesting Picture Rebus Puzzle with Answer

One of the interesting puzzles are the English Rebus puzzles. In the above picture a rebus puzzle is given. You need to find the English phrase from the picture.

Find the odd baby from the picture

One of the baby in the above picture is slightly different from the others. Can you tell which one is the odd one

Interesting Missing Number Picture Puzzle : find the number in square

A set of squares are given. Each square has a number except for one square. You need to find the missing number puzzle

Rebus Puzzle Picture – Can you solve it

It is an interesting rebus puzzle. A common English phrase is represent as group of words and symbols. You need to identify the phrase from the picture.

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