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May 2018

Joke of Knock Knock Joke

Whoever invented the Knock Knock jokes should get a no bell prize

World Quiz Questions: City of Nobel Peace Prize

In which city Nobel Peace Prize ceremony is held – 1 – Stockholm 2 – Zurich 3 – Oslo 4 – Lisbon

Spot the difference picture puzzle: find six differences between cartoon pictures of food truck

The above cartoon pictures of food truck varies from each other in six spots. Can you find those spots where they are different.

Just For Fun : a small joke

Q: Why can’t you trust an atom? A: Because they make up everything

World Quiz Questions: Longest River of Europe

The longest river of Europe is – 1 – Volga 2 – Danube 3 – Ural 4 – Missouri

Find the difference: spot six differences in the black and white picture

Spot the difference puzzles are one of the most interesting puzzles. In this puzzle two images are given with slight differences. You need to find six differences in those pictures.

Jokes -19

What happens to a frog’s car when it breaks down It gets toad away

World Quiz Questions: Founder of Wikileaks

Who is the founder of Wikileaks – 1 – Mark Zuckerburg 2 – Tim Berners Lee 3 – Julian Assange 4 – David Leigh

Can you find six differences between the pictures of cute cats and balloons

Above images of two cats are almost same. They are different in six places. Can you find those places where they are different from each other.

English Puzzle – 30

Which is the correct word for the below sentence: Miracles alone cannot vindicate the divinity of _____doctrine. : Immoral/ Amoral

World Quiz Questions: City of Two Continents

Which city is also referred as “City of two Continents” – 1 – Abu Dhabi 2 – Istanbul 3 – Moscow 4 – Berlin

Spot the difference: Find out six differences in the black and white drawing of cats

Above two images of the cats are mostly similar except for the six differences. Your job is to find those differences. Try to find the differences as quick as possible.

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