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July 20, 2018

Interesting Rebus Puzzle – Visual Riddle

Rebus puzzles are one of the best brain teasers. They helps to sharpen your brain and improve creativity. Can you guess the English phrase from the above picture.

Rebus Puzzle and riddle with answer

Help your brain to stretch its limit. Rebus Puzzles are a great brain booster. It helps to improve your creativity and logical skill.

One of the best rebus puzzles

Rebus Puzzles are a very great fun and mind stretching activity. It helps to stimulate the creativity. Do you know the answer of the above puzzle.

Pictionary Puzzles: Which word the below two images represent

It is an interesting picture puzzle. Guess the 8 letter word from the above images. Check out the answer below.

English Puzzle : Complete the sentence with correct word

Which is the correct word for the below sentence: He was sweating at every _____ Pore/Pour

Missing number puzzle and answer: find the missing number in picture

This is an interesting number puzzle. Find the missing number in the above picture by simple numerical logic. Hope you will like it. Share the puzzle if you liked it.

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