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July 21, 2018

Not so Hard Rebus Puzzle Picture

Find the English phrase from the above picture. It is a simple and easy Rebus Puzzle. Answer is given below in case if you need it.

Rebus Puzzles based on common English phrases

Can you tell what English phrase is hidden in the above rebus puzzle. Think outside the box to solve these puzzles.

Rebus Puzzle: Guess the phrase from the picture

Can you solve the above picture puzzle and guess the English phrase the puzzle is depicting. Check the answer below.

Pictionary Puzzles: Find the word from the two images

Can you guess a 10 letter word from the above two images. This is a simple pictionary puzzle. Hope you will like it.

English Puzzle : Select the correct similar looking word

Which is the correct word for the below sentence: It was interesting to watch the greedy woman ____ over the wealthy old man. Fawn/Faun

Missing Number Puzzle: Replace the question mark with a number in triangle

One of the triangles have a missing number. Can you find the number and replace the question mark with that number.

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