Number Puzzles – 24

interesting puzzle

In the above image, one number is missing. Can you find the missing number. It is an interesting number puzzle. Hope you will like it.

The missing number is 4
First circle: (5,25)=2 as 5^2=25 similarly (2,16)=4 as 2^4=16
the number inside the circle=2^(2+4)=64
second circle: (3,81)=4 as 3^4=81 similarly (8,64)=2 as 8^2=64
the number in the circle=2^(4+2)=64
third circle: (7,343)=3 as 7^3=343 simirly (4,64)=3 as 4^3=64
the number in th circle=2^(3+3)=64

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